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Antique Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl 18th Century

Antique Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl 18th Century

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Antique Chinese Bowl Blue and White Porcelain Bowl Porcelain

For your consideration is an authentic Chinese 18th Century blue and white porcelain bowl.
The interior of the bowl contains a central floral wheel decoration with stylized geometric and floral decorations also being added to the rim of the bowl. The exterior of the bowl is decorated with large lotus blooms connected by an intricate scrolling vine motif.

This bowl is marked with a double circle and Buddhistic character mark on the bottom

The Bowl condition is excellent ( No Chips Or Cracks )

Diameter : 15cm
Height :

Any Questions Welcome

Chinese blue and white porcelain

Broadly speaking, blue-and-white refers to ceramics decorated with cobalt blue pigment on a white body, usually applied with a brush under the glaze. First appearing in the Tang dynasty (618 – 906), early blue-and-white ceramics were made with a coarse, greyish body. In the Yuan dynasty (1279 –1368), potters at Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province, a famous China porcelain town, refined clay recipes by adding kaolin clay, and developed firing technology. The craftsmanship of blue-and-white porcelain improved significantly, with products featuring vibrant blue colours using cobalt pigment produced in Yunnan province or imported from the Middle East.

Chinese blue and white porcelain is called qinghua, pronounced “CHING-hwa.” Artisans first began producing the porcelain during the Tang and Song dynasties ranging from 609 to 1279. However, the techniques the pottery is most well known for weren't developed until the subsequent Ming era, which lasted until 1644.

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