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Vintage SEIKO Watches

Seiko is a stalwart of the old-world watch manufacturers and continues to dominate the global market with quality products. Yet, decade-old Seikos aren't something to throw out in favor of a watch that's shiny and new. In fact, they're many different types of old Seiko watches, several of which hold a special place in watch making history.


Chinese History & Art

It is thought that the first porcelain was made by firing the ceramic materials to the necessary temperature. By so doing, they made a kind of light but strong ceramic that was preferable for artistic and decorative purposes, and it has been in high demand ever since.


Antique Irish Silver

When it comes to Irish silver, the Company of Goldsmiths of Dublin exercised full control over the manufacture of ecclesiastic and domestic plate in Ireland since its foundation under Charles I in 1637.