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Antique Japanese IMARI Porcelain Collection 6 peices 19th century

Antique Japanese IMARI Porcelain Collection 6 peices 19th century

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Antique Japanese 19th century IMARI Porcelain Collection

1 Large Charger
4 Plates
1 Bowl

Each piece is in excellent condition ( No Chips or Cracks )

Diameter :
Charger : 31cm
Plates : 21.5cm
Bowl : 11.5cm

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Japanese IMARI Porcelain

Japanese porcelain production started in Arita at the turn of the 17th century by Korean potters brought to Japan in the 1590s. These potters would eventually become the first producers of porcelain in Japan, but they started out by reviving the production of a type of stoneware called Karatsu ware.

This type of ceramic is usually simple, inexpensive, and made rapidly but skillfully on the potter’s wheel. The potters also introduced a new type of kiln to Japan, the noborigama, or climbing kiln, which allows for greater precision during firing.

Therefore, when in the early seventeenth century the Korean potters living in the Arita district of Hizen found suitable clay for the manufacture of porcelain, the infrastructure for its production was already in place. The Hizen region thus became the major center of porcelain production in Japan.

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