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Antique / Vintage Chinese Vase Brush Pot Blue White Early 20th Century Signed

Antique / Vintage Chinese Vase Brush Pot Blue White Early 20th Century Signed

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Antique / Vintage Chinese Vase Brush Pot Blue White Early 20th Century


Has Small Hairline and chips to the rim ( See Photos )

Height : 25cm

Any Questions Welcome.
Although shapes may have variations among different dynasties and reigns, adherence to tradition, as well as limited free expression under imperial guidelines, resulted in a relatively small quantity of identifiable shapes. By tracing those shapes, it’s not difficult to find out when a certain shape was first produced, and whether or not that shape was popular during a certain period, thus making shape one of the key factors in dating the porcelain.
Compared to utilitarian pieces, the shape of Decorative Art objects is more subject to change, albeit within an array of prototypes. This article includes a summary of the different vase shapes for Chinese porcelain vases to help turn the novice Antiques collector into an expert!
Amongst the constant tide of Chinese ceramics on the open market at any one time, it is easy to lose sight of the important details that make one piece a better work than the other.  When inspecting Lot 1669, one can see the delicate shading of enamels from one colour to another and from colour to pure white within the individual lotus leaves – these leaves on later pieces are either of one colour or are clumsily graduated with no subtlety of tone between the shades used.  Secondly, the outlines of this piece are confidently and sinuously drawn with no abrupt edges or pauses, these blooms seem organic and natural – later pieces are contrived, done from a scheme and without the vision of the individual.  Finally, when observing the piece overall, the reticulation which exposes the inner core has been picked out with similar surety of hand, the foot has been neatly trimmed and the vase has been well potted.  Later imitations display clumsy piercing work without the necessary technical prowess, the feet are broader and the overall shape more substantial and less refined. 
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