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Chinese Antique JADE & GOLD Brooch / Pendent

Chinese Antique JADE & GOLD Brooch / Pendent

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Beautiful Antique Chinese Spinach Jade and Gold Brooch / Pendent

Made with a really nice piece of jade that looks amazing in the sun light

Condition : The overall condition is very good but there is a very small chip on the back of the brooch but cannot be seen from the front ( SEE PHOTOS )

Length : 5cm

Any Questions Welcome.


Chinese jade, any of the carved-jade objects produced in China from the Neolithic Period (c. 3000–2000 bce) onward. The Chinese have historically regarded carved-jade objects as intrinsically valuable, and they metaphorically equated jade with purity and indestructibility.

Chinese culture considers jade to be a lucky stone. To them, it is known as “The Stone of Heaven.” Jadeite is so precious that there is a saying that goes, “gold is valuable while jade is priceless.” Jade symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck. It is also a symbol of renewal, longevity, and even immortality.

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