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Superb Japanese Satsuma Meiji koro Censor LARGE

Superb Japanese Satsuma Meiji koro Censor LARGE

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This LARGE Japanese Satsuma Meiji koro censor is a stunning example of late 19th century Satsuma artwork. It features intricate details and vibrant colours that will add a touch of elegance an be a real statement piece to any room. Made from pottery, this antique original dates back to the late 1800s. The Satsuma maker has created a masterpiece that showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of Japanese art. The large size makes it a perfect statement piece and a conversation starter. The multi-color design on this Asian antique is a delight to behold and will make for a great addition to any antique collection. 

The details of the artwork on this censor is top quality this is an excellent example of Satsuma Pottery.

Height : 21.5cm
Diamater : 18cm

Condition : Overall Condition is Excellent there is a small repair to one handle ( SEE PHOTOS )

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