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Vintage SEIKO Mens Watch Gold Plated White Dial

Vintage SEIKO Mens Watch Gold Plated White Dial

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Vintage SEIKO Mens Watch Gold Plated White Dial

36mm Case Size

Good Vintage Condition with minor signs of were ( SEE PHOTOS )

Any Questions Welcome

Vintage Seiko Watches

These watches offer outstanding accuracy, far surpassing most quartz watches produced today, equalled only by high-end Grand Seiko quartz and beaten only by the limited production Citizen Caliber 0100. For some, an old quartz is an old quartz, and this has kept these very special watches under many people's radar.

You can rest easy, though, since vintage Seiko's aren't currently that valuable on the seller's market. Most vintage Seiko watches that are selling on eBay are selling for under $100.

Value: Whether you're buying a last-minute gift on Amazon or dropping ten figures on a solid gold handmade Grand Seiko, you'll be getting an impressive value. Quality: Even the lowest-tier Seikos are well-made and will typically outperform their price-point counterparts from other brands.

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