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Vintage Timex Mens Watch Diver style Black Dial

Vintage Timex Mens Watch Diver style Black Dial

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Vintage Timex Mens Watch Diver style Black Dial

Brand New High Quality Leather Strap

Overall Condition is very good with some minor were ( SEE PHOTOS )

Any Questions Welcome.

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Vintage Timex watches have a good, solid history of being one of the most reliable and affordable timepieces, that still exists today. As a collector, you can't expect the value of these watches to fund your retirement, but the character and sentimental value they may hold for you cannot be valued in dollars and cents.

Originally branded “Waterbury Clock Company” in the mid 1800s, this iconic watch brand is still continuing to deliver beautiful and respected timepieces.

The brand we know as Timex began in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, one of the era’s most productive clock manufacturers both domestically and in terms of international exporting. The company’s main focus was making clocks utilizing brass wheels and geras with the goal of, as Timex’s website states, “making a $6 clock almost everyone could afford.” This focus on affordability and mass production continued toward the turn of the century when the Waterbury Clock Company began manufacturing “dollar” pocket watches for the Ingersoll watch company (who later took over the Waterbury factory to produce their own pocket (and later wrist) watches.

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